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Waikato Progress Indicators - Tupuranga Waikato

Banner image - Are we on track?

Image - report cardThese Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) measure the Waikato region’s progress by identifying our current situation and trends across each of 32 key economic, environmental and social aspects. Together, these provide a ‘dashboard’ picture of the ‘health’ of the Waikato region and the wellbeing and quality of life of its people and communities.

We’ve gathered and summarised information from 2001 to the latest available, with a particular focus on the years since 2006/2007. We can use this now (and add to it as this project develops) to help us to identify which aspects we are doing well in; where we need to improve; and how changes in one aspect are linked with or affected by changes in others. So, are we on track?

>> Scorecard

The WPI ‘scorecard’ shows changes and trends for each of the 32 Waikato Progress Indicators. Use it to view our region’s progress. 

>> Report cards

These provide more detailed information about each of the 32 economic, environmental and social indicators.

>> Summary reports

    • Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) – Tupuranga Waikato Summary update May 2019 - This summary report provides an overview of the results of the Waikato Progress Indicators – Tupuranga Waikato (WPI) monitoring programme.

    • Development of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) - This report summarises the results from research undertaken throughout 2013-14 as part of the development of the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) programme.

    • Quality of Life Report and Infographics – This information is based on the Waikato Quality of Life survey 2018 that measures people’s perceptions and views on several wellbeing topics. Some results are incorporated into the WPI. A detailed report is available here and an Infographics with the regional highlights here [PDF, 467 KB]

>> Progress in our region

Shares stories on working and living in the Waikato region and finds out about the impact of economic, social and environmental factors in each of our lives.

>> Useful links


Please contact us with any feedback you have on the Waikato Progress Indicators.