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Feedback and complaints policy

At Waikato Regional Council we appreciate your feedback. We are committed to ensuring you have the best possible experience with us. We take complaints seriously and we use your feedback as an opportunity to learn, and improve our services. 

If you would like to tell us about something we do really well, or we have let you down in some way, please get in touch and tell us what has happened. We will make sure that all feedback – good and bad – is used to improve our services.

How we manage complaints

If you are not happy with what we do or the way we do it, we will work with you to resolve your issue. We will make every effort to resolve your complaint as soon as it is received by our frontline staff. However, if your complaint needs more time to be worked through we will assign it to a senior staff member who will contact you within two days to let you know we are working on it, gather any further information if needed or share relevant information with you. We then aim to have the issue resolved and have a full response to you within 15 working days

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, we provide a complaint review process run by the office of the Chief Executive. The timeline for such a review can be difficult to determine from the outset. We will discuss this with you and keep you informed throughout the process.

If after working together through the review process you are still not happy with the outcome, there is an option to contact the Office of the Ombudsmen.

Below is a diagram summarising the complaints resolution process:

Diagram of progress