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Enviroschools Fund

The Waikato Regional Council's Enviroschools Fund assists Enviroschools with environmental projects. The fund provides one-off grants to projects that directly enhance and/or benefit the environment or provide environmental education.

Open/close dates

Applications open: 9am, 3 April 2020 
Applications close: 5pm, 8 May 2020

How much can you apply for?

Up to $25,000 annually.

How do I apply?

Information for applicants - please read first

Who can apply?

This fund is available to all Enviroschools within the Waikato region that are actively involved in the programme and receive ongoing support from a facilitator. Applications will be considered individually on their merit and shared equitably across the region. Previous funding received from Waikato Regional Council will influence the outcome.

What type of project can be funded?

Projects must be in keeping with council's mission, goals and its statutory functions and duties as a regional council. Funding can be provided to specific projects designed to:

  • enhance the environment
  • promote and/or contribute to sustainable management of the environment
  • raise community awareness of environmental issues
  • provide environmental education.

However, proposals designed to generate personal or commercial profit or compensate individuals are not eligible for funding.

Assessment criteria

How are applications assessed?

Applications are assessed by Waikato Regional Council staff according to how well they meet the following criteria:

To receive funding applications must be:

  • an Enviroschool within the Waikato region that is actively involved in the programme and receive ongoing support from a facilitator
  • a new initiative, new to the particular area or an extension of an existing project. Ongoing operational costs of existing activities will not be funded.
  • and must demonstrate:
    • there is a clear alignment with Enviroschools Guiding Principles
    • the consultation process with Enviroschools Facilitator
    • community involvement and support of environmental issues
    • partnership with community
    • a sustainable project that is designed to become self-supporting without ongoing financial contributions from the council
    • the necessary skills and experience to undertake the project

In addition applications should:

  • have clear objectives that are consistent with council's statutory functions, Regional Policy Statement and environmental outcomes
  • have clearly assigned responsibility for the ongoing promotion or viability of the initiative; the administration of fund money in accordance with standard accounting procedures and the presentation of a report to council outlining the progress of the initiative
  • not lead to a conflict of interest for council as a consent authority
  • not be designed primarily for commercial or personal profit or to compensate individuals.
  • not involve activities that are the core business of council or other agencies