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Rates notice and assessment by email

Click here to calculate your ratesYou can now receive your rates invoice and assessment notice by email. To request this service please enter the customer number and valuation number from your latest Waikato Regional Council rates invoice in to the form below. It is possible to add multiple properties before sending the request.

Through submitting the form you confirm that you are authorised to register the selected properties for e-rates. You also confirm that you will abide to Waikato Regional Council's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

If you register to receive your rates invoice by email after 20 August, you will receive the current year account by mail and e-billing will be activated for the next rating year invoice delivery.

Fill out the form here >>>

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Applications need to be submitted by one of the current owners as listed on the rates invoice.
  2. One invoice per property will be issued.
  3. The emailing of the rate invoice will be activated for the next available billing period.
  4. Waikato Regional Council cannot accept responsibility for rates invoices that cannot be delivered because of an invalid email address.
  5. If the email is unable to be sent, then a hard copy will be mailed to the last known postal address.
  6. Defaulting of the email will result in the authorisation being cancelled.
  7. Please advise of any change/cancellation of email address. It is your responsibility to keep the electronic address current.
  8. Email authorisation may be cancelled at any time at the discretion of Council.
  9. This authorisation covers rate invoices and insertions only. Other Council correspondence will continue to be sent to the current postal address. Please keep this up to date.