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Tuia mentoring programme

What's the Tuia programme about?

The Tuia programme is long term, intergenerational approach to develop and enhance the way in which young Māori contribute to communities throughout New Zealand.  You can find out more by reading the prospectus below, and watching the videos.

Who are we looking for?

We're looking for rangatahi Māori (18-25 yrs) from the Waikato region who are actively contributing to the wellbeing of their community at some level, and have the potential to be a leader in their community.

You must be supported by your community (whether it is iwi/hapū/marae/whānau or Māori community based organisations).

You need to be able to commit to the following:

  1. Attending 5 weekend rangatahi wānanga held on marae around the country. 
  2. Monthly ‘one to one’ mentoring meetings with Waikato Regional Council's Chair and Deputy Chair, and other opportunities.
  3. Engaging in, or developing a community service project in your own communities.

How can you apply?

We want you to create a 2 minute video that includes the following:

  • Your name and a brief self-introduction.
  • The name and contact details of the community (whānau, marae, hapū, iwi etc) that have agreed to support you.
  • That you are able to commit to the programme for 12 months.
  • The reasons why you should be selected to the Tuia mentoring programme.

It’s easy to send us your video.

Simply access Facebook Messenger on your computer or phone and search for Waikato Regional Council to start a new conversation. Send us the video, along with your contact details and the contact details of the community which is supporting your nomination.

Please keep your video shorter than two minutes. Any videos longer than this will not be accepted.

Application deadline has been extended until 5pm on Friday, 14 February 2020