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Sustainable procurement

The council invited all suppliers and potential suppliers to a Sustainable procurement event on 9 April 2014. The event was a chance to hear about the council's sustainable procurement requirements, and to learn more about the programmes and accreditations available to help businesses meet the requirements.Green Ribbon Awards

View the media release.

View information on the presenters and stallholders and the FAQ.

View presenters' slides:

See our better business page for Waikato specific guides.

Tenders and expressions of interest

Find out about any contracted services up for public tender on our public notices and tenders page.

The Waikato Regional Council has two primary methods of buying goods and services - purchase orders, and purchasing cards (pcards). Occasionally staff may use petty cash. Unless specific arrangements have been made, and confirmed in writing, payment to suppliers will only be made if one of these methods has been used.

Purchase orders

A purchase order is used to authorise the procurement of goods or services with a unique identifying number. The purchase order number should be quoted on all correspondence regarding those goods or services, including the invoice.

A purchase order is also used for goods or service procurement that fall under individually negotiated contracts or agreements. These purchase orders will be valid for a specific period of time, or a total number of dollars for a specified period of time, and will be related to a formal contract.

Download Waikato Regional Council's purchase order terms and conditions for goods and services below:

Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Goods

Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services (170kb)

If a formal written contract is in place, the terms and conditions of that contract will take precedence over the purchase order terms and conditions. However, the purchase order number should always be quoted.

Any invoices which do not quote a purchase order number, or do not match the purchase order or agreed contract payment, value, quantity or detail may not be authorised for payment and may be returned to the supplier for correction.

Purchasing card (pcard)

A pcard is issued to Waikato Regional Council staff who have a need for buying low value goods or services. It is used in the same way as any other credit card except it must only be used only for the purchase of goods and services for Waikato Regional Council.

Generally, pcards will be used to purchase low value items from suppliers who are not likely to be used frequently. Typically these purchases are for less than $500, but may be up to $2,000.

If you have any questions or comments regarding procurement from the Waikato Regional Council, please email