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Regional Development Fund

The Regional Development Fund supports regionally significant projects which promote regional economic development, and are achieved in a way that also enhance environmental, social and cultural outcomes.

The focus of the fund is primarily on enabling economic development as it has been determined this is where the greatest opportunity lies for better outcomes for the region in the use of the fund. However, this development must occur in a way that provides for a win-win for both the economy and the environment. i.e. ‘green growth’.  

Waikato Regional Council will consider investing up to 50 per cent of project costs on a case-by-case basis. Investment in any project is at the discretion of Waikato Regional Council. 

The council will work with potential project partners as ideas are developed. A procedures manual has been developed to guide potential project partners through the process. This is available on request.

Independent Review Group

An independent review panel is being set up by Waikato Regional Council to assess applications to its regional development fund. To be selected, the successful applicants will need to have demonstrated:

  • competence and understanding of the Waikato Regional Council Regional Development Fund Policy and council’s needs relating to the assessment of funding proposals
  • proven experience of providing high quality, value-adding business, financial, investment and risk analysis and services at a governance level
  • strategic vision and sound judgement
  • understanding of environmental, social and cultural issues and opportunities for the Waikato region
  • knowledge of the Waikato regional economy and the national and international economic context.

DATE EXTENDED! Expressions of interest must be received by Friday, 13 December 2019.

Enquiries: For enquiries, and to request a copy of the terms of reference, please contact Esmae McKenzie-Norton via email or call 0800 800 401 during office hours.

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For more information about the fund and how Waikato Regional Council can support regional development projects

Read the Regional Development Fund Policy [PDF, 295 KB]

Read our frequently asked questions [PDF, 330 KB]

Need more information? Contact us.