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Waikato River water quality monitoring programme: data report 2012

TR 2013/12

Report: TR 2013/12

Author: A Tulagi

About this report

The report provides information on routine monthly monitoring of water quality at 10 sites. Addtional information is provided in the appendices on flow and datasonde deployments.

Please note that the information in this report has taken into account the analysis contained in our earlier report "Trends in river water quality in the Waikato region, 1993-2012" (TR 2013/20). You may wish to also read that report for a more complete overview. 

Read or download the survey report

Waikato River water quality monitoring programme: data report 2012 [PDF, 1.2 MB]

1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Report content 1
1.3 Water quality guidelines and standards 2
2 The Waikato River monitoring programme design 3
2.1 Sampling collection 3
2.2 Sample locations 3
2.3 Water quality parameters 4
2.4 Quality control, data storage and analysis 5
2.5 Reports 5
3 Results 6
 3.1 Waikato River Monitoring Programme
 3.2 Waikato River Monitoring Programme 25 
   Bathing season microbiological survey 25 
   Summary statistics 25 
   Comparison with water quality standards 25 
   Parameter graph 25 
  Raw data 25 
  References 29 
  Appendix I: Flow information 30 
  Appendix II: Datasonde deployments -Diurnal variation of selected water quality parameters 32 
  Appendix III: Water quality parameters - Guidelines and standards - Analytical methods   46