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Summary of Waikato Waste Data 1995 to 2005

TR 2006/01

Report: TR06/01

Author: Waste Not Consulting


This report has been prepared for Environment Waikato to provide an overview of waste data collected within the Waikato region over the past 10 years.

During this time, there have been two periods of waste surveying, the first in late 1995, early 1996 and the second between 2003 and 2005. The surveys undertaken in the mid 1990's were part of a series of surveys undertaken at 15 disposal facilities in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. These surveys were completed by AgFirst Consultants Environmental Ltd and were funded by the Ministry for the Environment.

The surveys undertaken between 2003 and 2005 were part of three separate projects, and were all completed by Waste Not Consulting. The first and second project were commissioned by Environment Waikato and co-funded by the respective local territorial authorities. The first project gathered waste data on Hamilton domestic refuse, Rotorua domestic refuse, and the Rotorua landfill. The second project collected waste disposal data from Paeroa transfer station, Waihi transfer station, Horotiu landfill, and Frankton transfer station in Hamilton.

The third project was part of a Ministry for the Environment programme collecting baseline waste composition data throughout New Zealand. This project included eight quarterly surveys of the Matamata transfer station, spread over a two year period (2003-04) and was partially funded by Matamata-Piako District Council.

This report presents a summary of the data collected at each of the facilities surveyed. As the survey methodology changed considerably between the 1995/96 surveys and the 2003/05 surveys, and slightly between each of the individual surveys in 2003/05, a brief methodology has been provided with each set of results. An overview of the refuse and recycling services available in each waste disposal facility and provided by each local authority has also been included where available, though the information provided for the 1995-96 period is based solely on the information available in the original AgFirst reports.

A regional waste flow model has been created for each of the two periods, to provide an overview of waste movements within the Waikato, and to provide a context for the waste data collected during the surveys. This has also been broken down into waste flows within each separate territorial authority. Once again, these territorial waste flows are based on the information provided in the AgFirst reports and are not comprehensive.

Summary of Waikato Waste Data 1995 to 2005 [PDF, 677 KB]

1 Introduction 4
2 Waste in Waikato region 1995/96 4
2.1 Introduction to 1995/96 surveys 4
2.2 Regional waste flow model 5
2.3 District waste flow model 5
2.3.1 Hamilton district 6
2.3.2 Hauraki district 6
2.3.3 Matamata-Piako district 6
2.3.4 Rotorua district 7
2.3.5 Thames-Coromandel district 7
2.3.6 Waikato district 8
2.3.7 Waipa district 8
2.3.8 Waitomo 8
3 Results 1995/96 9
3.1 Survey methodology 9
3.2 Hamilton city 9
3.3 Hauraki district 10
3.4 Matamata-Piako district 12
3.5 Rotorua district 13
3.6 Thames-Coromandel district 14
3.7 Waikato district 16
3.8 Waipa district 17
3.9 Waitomo district 18
4 Waste in Waikato region 2003/05 20
4.1 Introduction to surveys 2003/05 20
4.2 Regional waste flow model 20
4.3 District waste flow model 21
4.3.1 Franklin district 22
4.3.2 Hamilton city 22
4.3.3 Hauraki district 22
4.3.4 Matamata-Piako district 23
4.3.5 Otorohanga district 23
4.3.6 Rotorua district 23
4.3.7 South Waikato district 24
4.3.8 Taupo district 24
4.3.9 Thames-Coromandel district 24
4.3.10 Waikato district 25
4.3.11 Waipa district 25
5.1 Hamilton city 26
5.1.1 Hamilton domestic kerbside refuse 26
5.1.2 Methodology 26
5.1.3 Frankton transfer station 29
5.1.4 Horotiu landfill 33
5.2 Rotorua district 38
5.2.1 Rotorua domestic kerbside refuse 38
5.2.2 Rotorua landfill 41
5.3 Hauraki District 46
5.3.1 Paeroa transfer station 46
5.3.2 Waihi transfer station 51
5.4 Matamata-Piako district 55
5.4.1 Matamata transfer station 55
6 Comparisons 60
6.1 Changes in waste composition 60
6.2 Changes in disposal facilities 61
Appendix 1: WAP classifications 63
Appendix 2: Hamilton & Rotorua domestic refuse SWAP classifications 64
Appendix 3: Rotorua landfill SWAP classifications 65
Appendix 4: Horotiu landfill & Frankton transfer station SWAP classifications 66
Appendix 5: Paeroa and Waihi transfer station SWAP classifications 67
Appendix 6: Matamata transfer station SWAP classifications 68