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Catchment management zones

What's going on in my area?

We've divided the region up into the eight catchment management zones below, for service delivery. Click on your zone area, below to find out who your local contacts are, and what's going on.

What's my zone?

If you're not sure what zone area your property is in, you can use our interactive mapping tool. To use the mapping tool, click on the purple button to access the maps, then:

  • enter and select your address in the Search for address field (top left of screen). The map will then show your property in a coloured location.
  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the River and Catchment layer from the right hand Layer List
  • click the drop-down arrow to expand the Management Zone layer list, and view the related zone location and key colours.
  • You can zoom in and out of the map, using the + and - buttons, and move around using the arrow buttons or by click and dragging the map.   
Use the mapping tool and enter your address
Coromandel Coromandel
Waihou / Piako Waihou / Piako
Lake Taupō Lake Taupō
Upper Waikato Upper Waikato
Central Waikato Central Waikato
Lower Waikato Lower Waikato