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Jet ski registration

All registrations for personal watercraft (jet skis) being used within the Waikato region are now done online.

Both the use of jet skis in the Waikato region and national sales have increased in recent years so we've had to re-think how we manage the registration process.

Using this online tool means we've reduced the time it takes to process your registration. This service also provides you with an online account to easily manage your registrations.

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Transfer of jet ski ownership and registration

If you have sold or are planning to sell your jet ski you will need to ensure the registration is transferred to the correct owner. By transferring your jet ski details once you sell your jet ski, it ensures that any complaints and fines are sent to the correct owner.

Transfer ownership using our online service

If you registered your jet ski online, you can login using your Realme account to access your jet ski registration online account. Under your account, look for your current jet ski registration record then select the transfer option. Our team will then follow up the transfer request with the new owner.

Transfer ownership using written form

If your jet ski was registered before 2017 on the old system, or you do not know the current owner’s details, you will need to use the written transfer form, you will need to complete a written transfer of ownership form and send the request into us.

Fill out the written transfer of ownership form and email it to

Deregistering jet skis

You may choose to deregister your jet ski because it is no longer in use, has been written-off or stolen.

If you have registered your jet ski using our online system you can deregister at any time by logging in to our online service and selecting the deregister option in your current registration record.

If you haven’t registered your jet ski via our online system you can simply email us at with the details of your jet ski and request deregistration.

Having trouble with your registration? Here's some help!