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Investigation and enforcement

The purpose of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA , the Act) is to promote the sustainable management of natural and physical resources.

Regulation, through the development and implementation of our regional plans and individual resource consents, is required to achieve this purpose, and enforcement of these regulations is essential to ensure the integrity of the purpose of the Act.

Credible, consistent and robust enforcement can only be achieved following thorough investigation into alleged or suspected breaches of regulations, rules or conditions. Within the boundaries of the Waikato region the responsibility for regulation, investigation and enforcement of certain aspects of the RMA falls to the Waikato Regional Council.

The specific group within the regional council responsible for this area of work is the Resource Use Directorate, and Resource Use staff shall consider enforcement action when any non-compliance with the RMA is detected.

Report an activity

We will investigate any complaint that suggests an activity may be operating without resource consent or breaching its resource consent conditions. We will inspect the site, and may carry out tests or take samples.

If the complaint is justified, the offender will be charged for the travel, inspection and administration costs involved with our investigation. We will decide after this investigation whether enforcement action is required.

Please let us know about any activity that may affect our region's coastal, water, soil or air resources.

You can either

Make sure you provide details about where and when the incident or activity took place and, if possible, the offender.

Guidelines for enforcement officers

Investigation and enforcement guideline

Basic investigative skills

Environmental compliance, monitoring and enforcement

2018/2019 Environmental compliance, monitoring and enforcement report card [PDF, 929 KB]