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Ambient air quality monitoring report for the Waikato Region - 2017

TR 2018/15

Report: TR 2018/15

Author: Jonathan Caldwell

About this report

Air quality within towns and cities can be affected by a number of activities including natural causes such as sea spray, pollen and volcanic activity and human created causes such as home heating, traffic and industrial discharges.

Regional councils have a responsibility to monitor and manage outdoor air quality under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Monitoring of PM10 was undertaken in the Hamilton, Tokoroa, Taupo, Te Kuiti, Putaruru, Turangi, Morrinsville and Thames airsheds during 2017. In addition to this, PM2.5 (particles in the air 2.5 microns in diameter or less) was monitored in Tokoroa. This particulate monitoring was targeted mainly at identifying the impacts from domestic home heating sources.

Ambient air quality monitoring has been carried out in the Waikato region by the Waikato Regional Council (WRC) since 1998. The US EPA define ambient air monitoring as the systematic, long-term assessment of pollutant levels by measuring the quantity and types of certain pollutants in the surrounding, outdoor air.  

Read or download the report

Ambient air quality monitoring report for the Waikato Region - 2017 [PDF, 4.4 MB]

1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Regulatory requirements and assessment criteria
1.3 Monitoring objectives
1.4 Airsheds and contaminants monitored in 2017
2 Methods
2.1 PM10 & PM2.5 monitoring
2.2 BTEX monitoring
2.3 Nitrogen dioxide monitoring
2.4 Meterological monitoring
2.5 Trend analysis
3 Results and discussion
3.1 PM10 monitoring in Hamilton
3.2 BTEX monitoring in Hamilton
3.3 NO2 monitoring in Hamilton
3.4 PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring in Tokoroa
3.5 PM10 monitoring in Taupo
3.6 NO2 monitoring in Taupo
3.7 PM10 monitoring in Te Kuiti
3.8 PM10 monitoring in Putaruru
3.9 PM10 monitoring in Turangi
3.10 NO2 monitoring in Cambridge
3.11 NO2 monitoring in Te Awamutu
3.12 PM10 monitoring in Morrinsville
3.13 PM10 monitoring in Thames
4 Summary and conclusions