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June 2014 flood event

TR 2014/42

Report: TR 2014/42

Author: Duncan Grant

About this report

In early June 2014 a Tasman Sea low pressure system brought heavy rain and strong east to northeast winds to the Waikato Region, causing flooding and in cases severe flood damage. This report provides an overview of the flood event including technical information on rainfall, flows, and observed flooding, and describes the role of Waikato Regional Council flood management including event costs, key learnings, future actions and recommendations.

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June 2014 flood event [PDF, 5.7 MB]

  Executive summary
1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 April 2014 event
1.3 Purpose
2 Weather and warnings
2.1 Situation
2.2 Pre-event warnings
3 Rainfall
4 River flows and levels
4.1 Coromandel 
4.2 Waihou Piako
4.2.1 Kauaeranga River
4.2.2 Waihou River
4.2.3 Piako and Waitoa Rivers
4.3 Waikato and Waipa
4.3.1 Waipa River
4.3.2 Waikato River
4.4 Hauraki pumps
4.5 Coastal observations
5 Flooding and damage
5.1 Coromandel
5.2 Waihou Piako
5.2.1 Kauaeranga River
5.2.2 Waihou River
5.2.3 Piako and Waitoa Rivers
5.3 Lower Waikato
6 Flood management role
7 Flood management
7.1 Event costs
8 Key learnings and future actions
9 Conclusions and recommendations