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Groundwater quality monitoring 2010-11

TR 2011/14

Report: TR 2011/14

Author: J Hadfield


The groundwater quality monitoring programme gathers information to provide a basis for effective management of this resource and is a council responsibility under the Resource Management Act. It provides a snapshot of groundwater quality in the Waikato region as well as showing spatial and temporal trends.

The monitoring data can be used to examine factors which influence the observed quality. Groundwater quality can also be compared with standards and guidelines to assess its suitability for various uses. In the long-term, the monitoring information enables an evaluation of the effectiveness of management of this resource. This dataset is increasingly valuable and it is important to continue gathering comprehensive and reliable data to enable informed management of our groundwater resources in the future.

The primary objective of this report is to document the groundwater quality monitoring undertaken in the period from autumn 2010 to the summer of 2010/2011. It includes annual monitoring of regional and community networks and quarterly sampling at a lesser number of sites focused on nitrate and pesticide occurrence.

Groundwater quality monitoring 2010-11 [PDF, 1.4 MB]

1 Introduction 1
1.1 Background 1
1.2 Report content 1
1.3 Water quality guidelines and standards 2
2 Groundwater quality monitoring networks 5
2.1 Monitoring well network design 5
2.2 Sample collection 15
2.3 Water quality determinands 15
2.4 Quality control 16
2.5 Reports 17
3 Monitoring results 17
3.1 Regional network results and summary statistics 17
3.2 Comparison of regional results with drinking water standards and guidelines 27
3.3 Community network results and summary statistics 31
3.4 Comparison of community results with drinking water standards and guidelines 39
3.5 Nitrate trends 40
3.6 Pesticide trends 57
  References 63
  Appendix I: Regional groundwater quality network sampling records and frequency 64
  Appendix II: Groundwater quality analysis methods and detection limits 67
  Appendix III: Groundwater sampling protocol summary 68
  Appendix IV: Example site sheets 69
  Appendix V: Selected MoH determinand data sheets 72