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3.5.2 Objective

Discharges of contaminants to water undertaken in a manner that:

  1. does not have adverse effects that are inconsistent with the water management objectives in Section 3.1.2
  2. does not have adverse effects that are inconsistent with the discharges onto or into land objectives in Section 5.2.2
  3. Ensures that decisions regarding the discharge of contaminants to water do not reduce the contaminant assimilative capacity of the water body to the extent that allocable flows as provided for in Chapter 3.3 are unable to be utilised for out of stream uses.


Principal Reasons for Adopting the Objective
The objectives outlined in Sections 3.1.2 and 5.2.5 of this Plan apply for the purpose of this Chapter. These objectives adequately address the resource management issues associated with water without the need to develop further objectives in this Chapter.

Part c) and the parallel objectives in Chapters 3.3 and 3.6 ensures that when allocating water or considering discharges to water or the damming and diverting of water, both the effects on contaminant assimilative capacity and allocable flow are accounted for.

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