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Choose to work in an organisation with a positive culture, one that shares your values and beliefs.

6341 EVP - careers video 4 - VAUGHAN“The more we grow all three areas of our purpose – the environment, economy and community – the more value we add to our region. It’s a purpose that really speaks to what’s important to me. But it’s how we go about this – through our commitment to working together – that makes me most proud.
To help us be ambitious and courageous for our rohe, we have to create the right environment for our staff to be their best. That’s why we have a programme that gives every staff member the chance to help shape and influence the culture of this organisation. At the same time we work to develop their leadership potential. It’s a big commitment, but it helps us be an even greater place to work.”

Vaughan Payne, Chief Executive

EVP 6341 human synergistics diagram

“It was obvious to me when I joined that Waikato Regional Council was progressive in terms of how it works with Māori and the values we place on iwi relationships. That resonates really strongly with me and always has. I’ve also seen the culture changing over the years. I think it’s more productive, friendly, warmer.”

Mali Ahipene, Pou Tuhono - Community and Services

“Over the years we realised that our culture is good but there was room for improvement. So, in 2018 the Be Our Best Initiative, Kia eke ki tōna taumata began. For me, that meant taking part in the leadership development programme.

We have a supportive work culture that allows us to be human beings. We have emotions, we are real people with lives outside work. We are allowed to experiment and implement new ways of doing things. Part of being our best includes building our confidence and capability as leaders. I’ve been here for over 20 years and I wouldn’t be working in a place for that long if I didn’t feel supported or agreed with the vision of where the organisation is going.”

Adam Munro, Manager - Integrated Catchment Management