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Governance resources and information

Your guide to how the council works

This guide explains how the council works, its role in the Waikato region, how you can participate in the decision making process, and provides a breakdown of the decision making bodies of the council.

Rules for council meetings and debates

All council meetings must be conducted according the rules and standards that are outlined in legislation. This ensures that decisions are made and debates conducted legally and transparently. Standing orders set the rules and standards for this to happen.

Council decision making bodies

There are two documents in this section. The first outlines the membership of the council and its decision making bodies. The second explains the roles and purposes of the decision making bodies.

Expectations of elected and external members

The documents in this section explain the way that elected members should conduct themselves as councillors, sets out performance standards that apply to them, and how they should manage their private and public conflicts of interests. Click here for more information.

Official information

Everything Waikato Regional Council holds in any form – written, computer generated, video or audiotapes, films, slides or photographs can be released on certain grounds if requested. Click here to find how you can make an official information request.

Representation reviews

The council is elected every three years and it is required to review its representation arrangements at least once every six years to ensure they are fit for purpose. Waikato Regional Council will be conducting its review in 2018. Please click here to read about how representation reviews are performed. More information on the process and results of our representation review will be uploaded once due process has been followed.