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Living in our region

Sharing our stories on working and living in the Waikato region gives us a chance to find out about the impact of economic, social and environmental factors in each of our lives. The Waikato Progress Indicators monitoring programme recognises that many of these factors are interlinked and changes in one can contribute to changes in others. As expected, people’s comments mirrored this, with many experiencing challenges or benefits which were related to or affected by other factors operating in their lives.

For example, our region’s environmental health and natural features were elements that attracted people to live in the region; establish a business here; or make recreational or physical activities easier and more enjoyable. Contributing to protecting river water quality has led to business advantages here and overseas through unique marketing around products. Changing recycling systems to reduce waste into landfills has brought communities together for a common cause – and improved their surrounding environment.

The stories below provide a ‘snapshot’ of levels of wellbeing and quality of life in action – across a number of factors focused on by the Waikato Progress Indicators (WPI) monitoring programme. The stories are grouped by theme – economy, society and environment.

To find out more about our range of WPI indicators including those which these stories relate to, check out our indicator report cards

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GDP is only half the story  
Living and working in the Waikato region is not just about making money and contributing to the economy for the Ratcliffe family, owner/operators of heavy transport and trailer manufacturing firm, Modern Transport Engineers (MTE) Limited.

Society icon

A study in opportunity
University student, Beth Scarrow, is just one of the current faces behind an ongoing increase in the number of people living in the Waikato region gaining academic qualifications.

Back in the cycle of life   
Keen mountain biker Luke Healy’s reactivated exercise routine has given his health and happiness a reboot now he’s back in the saddle.  


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Downstream to dollars 
An innovative farming couple is leading the way in protecting water quality on their property near Lake Tāupo.

Marae show the waste to go 
Over 30 marae in the Waikato region are changing their waste and recycling systems through the ‘Para Kore’ programme.

Breathing new life into air quality 
If you want to get the next generation interested in air quality issues, you’ll need to pull some strings, according to educational puppeteer, Alison Collings. 

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