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8.1.7 Further Information

Further information may be required from the applicant in accordance with section s92 of the RMA, where Waikato Regional Council consider it necessary to better understand the nature of an activity, the effect it may have on the environment, or the ways in which adverse effects may be mitigated. Waikato Regional Council may also commission a report on any matters raised in relation to the application.

The following are circumstances in which powers under s92 of the RMA may be used:

  1. The standard application forms have not been properly completed.
  2. The application does not adequately describe the nature or location of the proposal.
  3. The application does not adequately explain any technology, facilities or processes involved, where an understanding of those aspects is considered important in understanding the likely effects of the proposal.
  4. The application does not specify, or inaccurately specifies, other consents that may be needed to undertake the activity.
  5. In the case of any controlled activity, when the application and any accompanying information is not sufficient for the Waikato Regional Council to be able to assess the matters in respect of which it has reserved control.
  6. In the case of any discretionary or non-complying activity, the application provides insufficient information:
    1. to enable the actual or potential adverse effects of the activity to be identified
    2. to explain the ways in which any adverse effects are to be mitigated
    3. to identify other parties who may be affect
    4. to identify other parties who have been consulted
    5. to understand the views of those consulted including the views of affected tangata whenua where the application has, or may have, a significant adverse effect on natural and/or physical resources.
  7. There is uncertainty regarding the need for, or purpose of, the consent.
  8. For activities that are likely to result in significant adverse effects on the environment, and there are reasonable grounds to suggest that alternative locations or methods of undertaking the activity may be both feasible and would have less adverse effects on the environment than the proposed option.
  9. A report is required to be commissioned to fully assess the effects of the activity or to audit any information provided by the applicant.

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