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6.2.1 Issues

Issue 1:
The discharge of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides into the air can result in the offtarget drift of these agrichemicals. Exposure of humans, animals, other crops and vegetation to this offtarget drift can have the following significant adverse effects:

  1. Adverse effects on human health that results in pathological processes such as allergic reactions, skin irritation, acute or chronic toxic effects or mental distress or disorder.
  2. Reduction in the amenity values of community facilities due to contamination of grass or foliage.
  3. Contamination of domestic and commercial water supplies.
  4. Contamination of other water bodies to levels where chemical residues are able to be detected in fish or where non-target flora and fauna are killed.
  5. Destruction of or damage to commercial crops or domestic plants to levels where they are unusable for their intended purpose or to the point where the growth or quality of the crop has been significantly adversely affected.

Issue 2:
The decay of vegetation as a consequence of weed control using agrichemicals along the margins of water bodies can decrease dissolved oxygen in the water to levels that will have significant adverse effects on aquatic ecosystems.

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