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1.4 Review of the Plan

The information gathered as a result of this Plan by Environment Waikato or other agencies, will feed back into the ‘Information >> Policy Development >> Implementation >> Monitoring >> Review >> Information’ loop, enabling an effective and efficient review of this Plan. Review of the Plan will take place no later than ten years after this Plan has become operative. Plan review may be initiated earlier than this, should there be a perceived need to do so.

The monitoring results will be analysed and reported on in a way that will provide a basis for assessing the effectiveness of the Plan in achieving its objectives and policies. The information and knowledge built up through targeted monitoring and research will also help to identify the best means (method) of achieving resource management objectives over time, and will provide a valuable feedback into s32 obligations. The information will also serve a variety of other purposes such as supporting Environment Waikato’s State of the Environment reporting, and directly assisting in consent processing and the development of other regional plans.

In addition to evaluating monitoring information, Environment Waikato will also consult with various organizations and groups (e.g. DoC, territorial authorities, consent holders, industry groups and representatives, tangata whenua), and the results of that consultation will also feed into the review of this Plan.

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