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1.2.2 Issues

Issue 1:
The RMA requires a resource consent for certain activities, unless enabled by a permitted activity rule in a plan, while other activities are not restricted unless there is a rule in the Plan.

Many of these activities, either individually or cumulatively, are unlikely to have adverse environmental effects that are more than minor, while some, if uncontrolled, are likely to have adverse effects that are more than minor. Requiring resource consents for activities that have less than minor effects leads to unnecessary bureaucracy and costs. Failure to manage activities with more than minor effects will lead to poor environmental outcomes.

Issue 2:
The RMA does not always provide clear guidance for how the Region’s natural and physical resources are to be managed. This:

  1. leads to increased costs and bureaucracy
  2. leads to potentially inconsistent decision-making
  3. will not achieve integrated management of the Region’s natural and physical resources.

Issue 3:
Inadequate consultation increases the costs of the RMA process to both resource users and the wider community.

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